Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has informed the Senate Committee that more than 10
Millions of mobile phone handsets were imported during 2018-19 and the government gathered around it
28.8 billion tax. However, during the first four months of this fiscal year, about 7.6
Millions of phones were imported and the government recorded Rs 15.1 billion
Duties and taxes, indicating that the legal imports of mobile devices have increased.

Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Shabbir Zaidi said Monday
It is recommended to allow duty-free import of mobile phones under the Goods Rules
Presented to the federal cabinet. The facility being provided will cost the nation billions
In tax

Pakistan collects 28.8 billion ($ 185 million) in mobile tax through DIBS

Briefing the Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunications,
Chairman FBR said in the past that the rule of goods was misused, forcing it to govern
Withdraw convenience and duty / tax is imposed on every mobile handset import.
Senators from government benches also opposed the government's decision to impose
Even duty on import of the same mobile phone handset. The committee recommended
Suspending FBR order and allowing import of a duty free mobile phone under it
Equipment rules.

The Committee was of the view that good people could afford any phone and tax cost
They have been imposed but the bulk of the population is using phones for a variety of purposes
Can't afford it However, taxes on lower end devices have already been reduced. If the Senate
The committee is interested in providing facilities to the poor, will demand zero or even reduce taxes.
A telecom expert said that not on high mobile phones but on low mobile devices.
FBR briefs on customs duty rebate reasons on imported phones
Per calendar year under personal belongings rules.

Member FBR told the committee that there is a duty-free allowance on mobile imports
The phone brought by international travelers was withdrawn by amending SRO 689 (I) 2019.
Dated 29-6-2019. The SRO mentioned above was implemented from 1-7-2019. Reasons for withdrawal
This facility of duty-free allowance was being misused. International arrival data
Passengers were being stolen and passport numbers and flight data were used for entry.
Data details in mobile device registration software for claiming waiver under equipment

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) suggests that more than 0.6 million were imported
Under the principle of goods and most of them were high and expensive and it has been reported
This feature is being misused. He added that taxes were reviewed and deducted
Commercial and goods imports

Senators Faisal Javed and Shahzad Wasim said that mobile phones are not only for calls, but they are also
For business

Committee also discusses filming and uploading of child abuse videos
Rawat, Rawalpindi was reported on a recent case of the Dark Web and
Rawalpindi police briefing

The committee was told by SSP Mohammad Faisal that the convicted pseudo file was Sohail Ayaz
A 46-year-old chartered accountant who previously worked and traveled in 9 countries
He has also been tried and convicted in Britain and Italy.

A case was registered by Punjab Police on November 12 and another on November 14
November. The committee was told that it targeted 8-15-year-old children, and that is it too
30 children were abused. He said that after running the news on the media,
More complainants came to file their cases against him.