The present government of Pakistan launched an app to address citizens' complaints regarding the conduct of government officials. This is called the urban portal. It's not terribly impressive. But still, a platform has been provided to address the grievances of the common man.

Opening of the helpline through the mobile app and the Supreme Court:

Following in the footsteps, the Supreme Court recently launched a mobile application and helpline. The purpose of this app is to provide quick justice to the general public.
A ceremony was held in the Supreme Court. During the ceremony, the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan, Asif Saeed Khosa announced the launch of the mobile app. In addition, the Supreme Court established the call center in 1818. I also facilitated a full video link in 05 courts and started a research center. And finally, this website was upgraded to be more user-friendly.

"We have landed in the 21st century, the century of technology and development," the Chief Justice said.

Therefore, the launch of an IT-based facility will definitely reduce the noise of the critic. Because trials with technical support will be faster and easier. Judges can hear all matters online. People in remote areas will not have to travel to major cities for hearing.
The latest Supreme Court Web site includes improvements to the online case status, reason list search, and user interface for decision-making tools.
The Supreme Court Call Center 1818 will address issues of reason list, case search problems, decision making questions and complaints related to the process.
The Supreme Court Mobile App is now available on the Google Play Store. Download the app as soon as possible and check if it really works.