We touch our phones 80 times a day. This is a shocking number that probably prevails. Will cause you to crush. It is a fact that our phones have become slaves. And worst of all, we don't really have to suffer. You can think of ways to end this dysfunctional slavery. You may also need a hood to improve your habits, which are some of the benefits when you come down from the phone or other digital products for the ultimate digital detox.

Better Ideas: 

When you have time to reflect, pause, and observe, you are able to see patterns and connect dots. Patterns are the insights needed to keep ideas big and small. These are the badges of any idea, and when we constantly fill our minds with meaningless things, we lose the ability to identify patterns and use them to inflame ideas. When your mobile is off, your eyes lift and you feel awake.
Talking to people, listening to the people around you and getting information from all your senses, you are improving your creative power. As Alfred Hitchcock puts it, "Ideas come from everything." But to see things, you must be present.

Loud Thinking:

If you are not caught up in the trivialities of what someone ate at lunch, what is important to you and what is important with more clarity. Often, our phones enable us to blend in. A mid-meeting buzz will attract our attention, though the important thing is facing us. You'll be away from your phone regularly. Attention-seeking leaders have been a huge part of their success. And our phones make it almost impossible.

Better Working Relationship:

You get even faster when you choose to meet in person (without a phone) and actively restrict contact. A solid meeting worth a hundred great emails. In-person meetings help to strengthen trust, increase accountability, and ensure that any misunderstanding is discussed before becoming a major issue. When you do this, email plays an important role in getting the stars' attention: in personal contacts and

Better Health:

You will also earn dopamine hits when you are true with others. A recent study from Social Health and Relationships has shown that lack of contact can be even more effective for health than cigarettes, obesity, and hypertension. Not only do we feel better when we are rooted, but it also increases our well-being. Our defense system is on the rise, inflammation is waning, stress is on. It's an instant hit because what's really important is to say on my phone. A digital detox can lead you to a healthier lifestyle.